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wendyWendy Lund


With more than three decades of experience as a Health Studies Professor (RN, RPN, Paramedicine, Massage Therapy, Pharmacy Assistant) teaching physiology, pathophysiology & pharmacology, Wendy understands the biology of stress and resiliency.

She extensively investigated the experience of trauma in first responders and has built a case for how and why compassionate-based mindfulness theory and practices can build proactive resiliency in vulnerable sectors for her MSc in Mindfulness Studies. She has helped to pioneer curriculum for those who engage trauma in their work so that they reduce their risk of psychological injury in the line of duty. She has shared her vision in conferences as a speaker/plenary, in many workshops and in print.

Wendy believes it’s about being proactive, not reactive, with our mental health. Her vision is to help others redefine wealth in their workplace and lives.

andersAnders McGillis

Strategic Advisory

Anders graduated from the Ivey Business School HBA program in 2013. His expertise lies in strategy consulting across a broad set of industries. He has demonstrated skills in strategic planning and advisory, process improvement and design, complex project management and workshop design. He has worked on transforming customer experiences for national brands in both Canada and the US.

Now, Anders is passionate about taking his consulting experience to a new challenge: improving employees’ experiences and making the workforce more resilient. A tenacious, dynamic and team-oriented leader, Anders is focused on uncovering insights that will drive meaningful impact for clients.

Lorraine Gilks

Mindfulness Programming

A skilled coach and mindfulness teacher, Lorraine passionately inspires others to understand the art and the science of mindfulness as a pathway for transformation. She, in fact, was Wendy’s mentor into her own practice of mindfulness!

She brings over 2 decades of experiences using mindfulness. She investigated mindfulness in College students as part of her MSc (c) in Mindfulness. Founder of her own coaching company and seasoned Health Studies Professor, Lorraine brings an abundance of theoretical, practical & professional insight and wisdom to Wellth Management. She has successfully introduced mindfulness to a wide variety of age groups. From the corporate sector, to education and health care, Lorraine has an impeccable reputation for cultivating peace and equanimity into everyday life.

Wellth Management welcomes Lorraine as our advisor and mentor in mindfulness programming.

Liz Selke

Meditation and Energy Programming

Liz is a meditation teacher and a certified energy practitioner who works with clients to facilitate mindfulness, clarity and personal transformation. A graduate from McGill University (English Literature and Religious Studies) and University of Wales (Teachers College certificate), she brings global knowledge and wisdom to her clients. She understands first hand how to use the skills she now teaches to re-create a life filled with meaning, joy and purpose.

In addition to her own practice, Liz has collaborated with Wellth Management to create unique meditations and energy work specifically designed for first responders and at-risk vulnerable groups who engage trauma, tragedy and suffering.

Wellth Management is grateful to have Liz as part of our team in helping to build practices that promote wellbeing.